Sunday, December 13, 2009

The World Is Just A Book Away: Kuwait Chapter

THE WORLD IS JUST A BOOK AWAY-- WIJABA, will be raising awareness and funds at "NEGDAR" Exhibition held at the Hilton Ballroom. It will be the only Non-Profit Organization at the exhibition! In addition to that, it is also one of the sponsers of the event.

All Funds raised will go towards building libraries and schools for under-privileged children. Raffles tickets for wonderful prizes and a silent auction will be held at the event.

Please join WIJABA: Kuwait Chapter on the 19th and 20th of December at the Hilton Ballroom, in Hilton Mangaf, for a good cause and some fun.

Help make our world a world in which all children have access to books, a quality education and hope for the future.

Please join our facebook group: The World Is Just A Book Away Kuwait Chapter

Thank you

Monday, May 15, 2006


Hey I got an e-mail today I thought I should share.

I'm too lazy to edit/whatever so I'm simply going to copy/paste it...

>Dear Friend,
> >> >This is the first time that Kuwait will be having this event. Please help
> >to publicize this event to all through your communication networks. Please
> >encourage your company, friends, family, colleagues to participate in this
> >most worthwhile cause. Looking forward to seeing you on the 21st of May at
> >the "UN World Food Programme's Fight Hunger:Walk the World" Event.
> >> >The UN World Food Programme & The Kuwait Red Crescent Society would like
> >to invite everyone to join us at the annual global "Fight Hunger: Walk the
> >World" event! On 21 May 2006 we want the whole world to walk with us and
> >all our> >supporting partners. We believe that with everybody's effort in raising
> >awareness and funds child hunger can be ended by 2015. We need
> >> >Join us for the Walk in Kuwait at 6:00 pm on the 21st May
> >We will gather at The Scientific Research Center and walk to the Marina
> >Mall.> >> >There are many ways that you can be involved to help:
> >· Join us at the Walk on 21 May 2006 with as many of your friends,
> >colleagues and employees as possible
> >· Volunteer with us to help during the upcoming Walk activities
> >· Be a sponsor for the Walk and you will benefit from our worldwide
> >visibility package
> >· Cross-link with website to help eradicate child
> >hunger
> >· Place an electronic banner of your choice to support us from
> >
> >· Contribute funds or information on the website to
> >help eradicate child hunger
> >You can start now! To participate in the Walk buy a t-shirt and walk with
> >us May 21st.
> >> >One T-shirt with a cap only costs KD 3, this minimum contribution will
> >help feed a child for 51 days.
> >If you buy 10 T-shirts you will feed a child for a whole year.
> >> >3 Steps to buy your T-shirts:> >o Place your order at
> >o Call Ms. Shaima Al-Shatti on: +965 4823715 2244974
> >o Come to our Inf. Booth at the Marina Mall & collect your T-shirt: +965
> >2244974> >> >Kindly find attached the categories of sponsorships and benefits.
> >> >> >> >For more information on the Kuwait event, please email us at
> > or or call Ms. Shaima Al-Shatti at
> >+965 4823715> >> >Take a step to end child hunger by walking with us!
> >> >From now until 21 May, we will be providing you regular updates on the
> >Kuwait Walk activities. We are positive that your participation at any
> >level for the Walk will make this year's event a greater success!
> >Help us end child hunger
> >> >> >Thank you for your support,
> >> >> >Zeina Habib> >Public Affairs Officer - GCC Region
> >UN World Food Programme
> >Tel: +971 4 3681383
> >Mob: +965 7757227
> > +971 50 6562753
> >Fax: +971 4 3681384
> >e-mail:
> >Web site:
> >> >> >You can make a difference to a hungry child, go to:
> >

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Adopt a Minefield

10 Easy Steps to Adopt a Minefield:

1. Start by getting a group together.
2. Try establishing a board made up of respected members of your community.
3. Choose a country to benefit from your fundraising: Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cambodia, Croatia, Mozambique or Vietnam.
4. Set a target. You can visit and check out their lists and survivor assistance programs to get an idea of your fundraising target.
5. Once your group is ready to begin its campaign, e-mail or call them on +1-212-907-1305 for brainstorming sessions, ideas and materials. They will help you.
6. Generate buzz and awareness. Distribute fliers, brochures, donation cards, etc. Also, pursue local media outlets to publicize the work and progress of your group. For more ideas you could visit "The Campaign" section at
7. Plan a series of events to publicize your campaign and raise funds for your minefield or survivor assistance program. Events can range from concerts to lectures, dinners and galas.
8. Check in with the Adopt-A-Minefield office to update them on the progress of your campaign and for more materials and resources.
9. Once your campaign has gained momentum and your group feels confident that your fundraising will be completed within the next two months, e-mail or call Adopt-A-Minefield about selecting a specific minefield or survivor assistance project. This will increase your publicity potential and get people excited about the community you are about to help rebuild.
10. Once fundraising has been completed, send a single check with the total amount raised to the Adopt-A-Minefield office. You will receive an acknowledgement letter and tax receipt immediately, and once your money is transferred to the field, you will receive an official report and an Adopt-A-Minefield certificate.

As you can see it is not that difficult to adopt a minefield. The organization would supply you with all the material and resources you would need to spread awareness. All you would have to do is plan events and raise money. I know for a fact that you bloggers are capable of this. Two years ago two amazing Kuwaiti girls started a campaign and managed to spread awareness within our community. Before their campaign I honestly did not know anything about the landmines crisis. Those two girls, tried setting up a Night of a Thousand Dinners in Kuwait and unfortunately after organising the entire event on their own, something happened I’m not sure what though, but they weren’t able to host the dinner. That unfortunate incident did not stop them. When they realized that there was not much they could do on their own they decided to spread awareness. They went to several schools around Kuwait, met with students and teachers and, managed to spread awareness.

If two young brave girls managed to spread awareness think of what you bloggers could do.

I would also like to congratulate and thank them for without them I would not be blogging about this right now.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Night of a Thousand Dinners

This year's Night of a Thousand Dinners is to be hosted between March 1st and April 4th. The images above are links to the official websites. Check the links out. You would be amazed how easy it is to help and make a difference.

Greetings Loyal Minion

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